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Christmas Update

Christmas Update

Christmas Update

The Mishergas team has been working hard at tying up any loose ends for the sale of our first continuous pyrolysis development: Energy Recovery 1. What we started developing years ago has now become the latest sexy subject in the renewable sector! With subsidies being pulled on wind and solar and China no longer taking the UK’s waste, it is now up to us to sort it out.

As we have been focussing on this for the last four years now (thanks to your support) and have achieved top notch results in our R&D for oil and recovered carbon black, we are now being head hunted by different companies who are desperate to be the first to find the solution and to take it out globally after proving it in the UK.

UK Government

The Mishergas Energy Recovery 1 development has been included by the Department of International Trade as one of its projects to invest in as part of the UK’s first Energy Investment Portfolio, worth an estimated £5 billion.

The eleven new projects in the Energy Investment Portfolio will not only create jobs in the energy sector, but will reduce energy costs for hard-working British families and have widespread benefits for the environment

The Government is committed to reduce UK carbon emissions under the Climate Change Act.

This has led to significant investment opportunities across the UK’s energy industry and they are very keen to promote the MER1 development as it is the only one that will produce quality bio-fuel from its process.

Renewable Energy Seminar

On Monday the 3rd of December Mishergas gave a presentation at the Renewable Energy Seminar for the UK – CHINA INFRASTRUCTURE ACADEMY organised by the Department for International Trade. It went very well and Vicki was commended on her presentation skills.

We have a number of horses in the race and we will see who can get to the finishing line first!

Here’s wishing all of our investors a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

From all at the Mishergas Team

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