Research & Development

Mishergas is at the forefront of developing technology that helps the environment and sustainability. We have developed a unique pyrolysis process that, for the first time, efficiently and profitability processes waste tyres into valuable commodities. Our technology has been developed and refined over many years and recently independently verified and validated.

Over the last seven years, we have focussed on developing high-end commodities from the Mishergas process, creating the maximum value from the conversion of waste tyres into the sustainable circular economy.

In this time we have formulated a proven technology that can create high value recovered carbon black that can be used for food industry standard utensils manufacturing and EN590 standard bio-diesel.


The Mishergas team draws from a wide range of experience and together we can strategise, innovate and form business models that can clean up most forms of waste.

From lakes filled with oil to deserts, the Mishergas “Clean Up Crew” will find a solution; turning environmental liabilities into sustainable solutions and profitable assets.

As our mission statement says; waste is only unrealised potential.


 Recovering Land and Water; Terra-forming

Using our experience of creating “live earth” filled with probiotic bio-stimulants, we can recover wastelands and transform them into forests and arable land. Combining this with the knowledge of the implementation of anaerobic digesters and reed bed systems, we can also use this if necessary to purify water waste and use it for irrigation. From the digesters, we can extract the digestate solids, which we can recycle as a part of our terra-forming process.

Our terra-forming vermiculture methodology reinstates essential mycorrhizas into the earth which create an underground network, essential for ultimate tree and plant growth. Our symbiotic forestry plantation design is essential for the creation of forests in lands where conditions are particularly extreme or difficult.


Next phase: future goals

With our ongoing R&D we are developing how to:

  • use the oil produced into hardened non-biodegradable plastics for infrastructure projects around the world,
  • using our rCB to create living walls for wildlife and pollinators.
  • and reedbed systems for purifying water.


We will also be developing the production of hydrogen from the products from our process.

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