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Vicki Templar- Director

Vicki Templar- Director

Vicki has worked as a green developer for over 15 years, She has a broad range of experience in developing projects and business from seed stage to fruition.These include an environmental education centre, a pro-biotic composting business ,a herbal apothecary and treatment centre,community initiatives, A/D plants and feasibility studies for PHES, forestry planting and bio-dome design.She is passionate about finding creative and sustainable solutions to environmental threats.

After leaving Goldsmiths University of London with a first in Communication Studies & Sociology BA (hons), Vicki trained in medicinal herbalism  SNHS. Herbalism Dip (Hons). Learning about the medicinal properties of plants brought out her passion for making changes in the renewable energy and waste sectors.   This became her focus in developing an educational charity in 2003. The teaching centre was designed to promote “hands on” teaching for people wishing to learn more about sustainable living. : She has worked as a freelance consultant for sustainable house and garden design and for grey and black water waste management, designed and built part of the Anaerobic Digestion waste management process and reed beds to deal with the black and grey water.

In 2010 Vicki co-founded “The Celtic Worm Company Ltd” and was responsible for the Marketing, PR and sales for the company. She took the company to nationwide sales before moving with her family to the UK in 2013.

Since then she has developed The Elemental Education project and The Green Lady and co-founded Mishergas in 2014.to focus on the environmental clean up of waste tyres in the UK.