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Dan Templar- Director

Dan Templar- Director

Dan trained in environmental construction and subsequently in the renewable energy sector. His wide ranging experience enables strategic problem solving in a straight forward, practical and profitable manner. using sustainable technologies. He manages developments with focus, determination and enthusiasm. He has worked as a freelance consultant in the environmental construction sector and developed different building projects with community groups. He has held talks on symbiotic planting methods for forestry plantations and advised the Munster Forestry Department.. His research was then implemented as a part of the Irish Forestry Strategy. He co- developed an Environmental Teaching Centre in Ireland (2003-9) has constructed  six eco houses, planted over 70,000 diversified trees and developed Anaerobic Digester plants and reed bed systems. He has taught groups of students and the public sustainable construction methods and waste management techniques.

As a Director of Intermediate Energy,he developed projects for Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Schemes in Ireland. He also worked with the local Community Association to produce a ten year development plan for renewable power and advised on environmental technologies.

He then started R&D into the technologies of gasification and pyrolysis and made his own machine to practically prove its efficacy.He has studied the use of these technologies for applications with varied feedstocks and has developed strategies for the management of waste in many forms.

In 2010 he co-founded the Celtic Worm Company, where as CEO, he designed and set up the factory and managed the production and operations. In 2013 after working on the feasibility for a community energy project,  he co-founded Mishergas to focus on the problem of waste tyres in the UK and how to turn them into an asset.