Investing in green energy

Investing in green energy

Hundreds of people have helped by investing in a cleaner greener future. Mishergas is proud to be a company that has grown from the seed of an idea into one that now works with governments and corporations around the globe to transform industrial production and to create a blueprint for the future.

This has been achieved by the support of each person who has believed in us and has personally invested in us.  What can be done by a company that works with integrity, determination and is small and flexible, is incredible. It has been a long uphill struggle and we have been working with giants of corporations and yet the steps that we have achieved have been mighty. Having the support of the crowd behind us, people from many different countries and backgrounds, has been the wind in our sails.

We are proud to be the first, and only company, in the UK to achieve the formula for creating bio-fuel from waste tyres. Accredited by the department for Transport, we can now produce a diesel created from yesterdays’ waste.

We are  delighted to have represented our country in the  UK GOV Renewable Energy Portfolio and to work with them to create further opportunities for environmentally responsible businesses. It has been a pleasure to have presented these at various forums to the leaders and wealth managers of other countries to move forward together with positive change for the planet.



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