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At present, supported by the department of International Trade and the department of Transport, we are in negotiations with major funders to finalise the sale of the first Energy Recovery for waste tyres in the UK.


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Our current development: Mishergas (Energy Recovery 1) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mishergas, is looking to recover the valuable resources from discarded vehicle tyres using pyrolysis. Mishergas ER1 will be the first special purpose vehicle established by Mishergas Limited to carry out such pyrolytic activities.

Every year in the UK alone, around 50 million tyres are discarded. These are a huge potential hazard to the environment and human health. With this first facility, our specially designed Mishergas Process would clean up at least 10% of the waste tyres in the UK in an environmentally responsible way. Not only that, it will be recycling the tyres to convert them into saleable commodities; these will be oil, recycled carbon black and steel. This will also reduce the need for both fracking and mining, offsetting the carbon equivalent of 120 million trees every year.for this facility alone.

Mishergas has developed detailed plans for Mishergas ER1 to recover each year, with effect from the second year of operation, approximately 29,000 tonnes of pyrolysis oil, 16,000 tonnes of recovered carbon black and 780 tonnes of steel through the pyrolytic recycling of approximately 50,000 tonnes of used vehicle tyres.

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