The Mishergas Process


Mishergas was incorporated in 2014 as a culmination of our experiences, working as consultants and environmental developers for a varied range of projects. Drawing from a wide range of over 50 years of aggregate experience, Mishergas seeks to utilise appropriate technologies, innovative solutions and best practices to address current demands and subsequent threats to the environment. By developing a good business model from the use of these technologies, we are thereby able to have a far wider impact.

Using this formula, our company mentors and develops businesses, community groups and individuals who are interested in making a positive difference in their environmental practices.

Mishergas has developed a process that utilises end of life tyre recovery in what we believe is the most efficient and cost effective way. We combine “best in the class” technologies to achieve this.

– Recycling waste.
– Recovering energy.
– Reducing landfill, pollution & toxic leachate.
– Upcycling materials into products that can be sold and used again.
– Offsetting approximately 70,000 tonnes of C02 a year (the equivalent of over 120 million trees)
– Reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

The Mishergas Process also produces heat or power which can be used in many ways depending on location.

Mishergas has the unique flexibility to be able to create a process that can be adapted for each client’s unique needs.

This model can support business parks and industrial sites, fulfilling or supplementing all their electrical and district heating needs off grid.

Nothing is wasted using the “Mishergas Process” and it is something that can be replicated around the globe.

Making it happen....

Every year, in the UK alone, there are over 50 million vehicle tyres that are discarded. These are often, illegally, stored in old warehouses or dumped in huge piles in the countryside (a massive fire risk as well as toxic leachate into water courses) or are shipped abroad to be used, often, in cement kilns ( sending more toxins into the atmosphere). Waste tyres are a huge problem around the world; some tyre dumps are so vast, they can be seen from outer space. Massive amounts of oil and rubber are used in their manufacturing process; their high calorific value means that they are great feed stock for industrial processes, however once they are burnt for whatever purpose, all the embodied energy that has gone into them has literally gone up in smoke.
We believe that every cloud has a silver lining and that by using our creative, experienced and capable team, we can find a responsible answer to most problems. With our Energy Recovery Development, we have achieved this for waste tyres. The embodied energy of the tyres is recovered in a sustainable manner and is then re-sold back for the manufacture of rubbers and plastics and as oil that can be blended or distilled for different purposes.

The 3  Energy Recovery developments in the UK equate to the carbon offsetting of over 360 million 15 year old trees!




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