The Mishergas Process

Mishergas has developed a process that utilises tyre recovery in what we believe is the most efficient and cost effective way. We combine “best in the class” technologies to achieve this.

– Recycling waste.
– Recovering energy.
– Reducing landfill, pollution & toxic leachate.
– Upcycling materials into products that can be sold and used again.
– Offsetting approximately 70,000 tonnes of C02 a year (the equivalent of 120 million trees!)
– Reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Energy Recovery 1 (ER1)

Using waste tyres, ER1 will produce 24,000 tonnes of oil every year that has been recovered from the waste tyres.

Not only that, but it will produce 17,000 tonnes annually of recycled carbon black which can be sold to manufacturers, reducing the need for extracting this heavily used commodity. Steel will also be recovered from the process which can be sold as scrap. The Mishergas Process also produces heat which can be used in many ways depending on location.

This model can also support business parks and industrial sites, fulfilling or supplementing all their electrical and district heating needs off grid.

How are we doing it?

ER1 will be processing 50,000 tonnes of waste car & lorry tyres a year. This equates to 10% of the UK’s annual 50 million waste tyres.

Our tyre supplier will bring them to the site and they will be processed in the pyrolysis units. These units will be run continually, thereby processing and producing constant energy. The technology of pyrolysis quite simply bakes the tyres at 400c in a closed in unit without oxygen. The syngas is taken off the top and 5% is used to power the facility; the rest is distilled into pyrolysis oil/ fuel oil. The carbon black, oil and steel are recovered from the process and resold as commodities.

What have we done so far?

Our planning application was submitted at the beginning of May.We have had several meetings with the local parish council to talk through the details of the project and at the last meeting the development was passed with no objections. The Environmental Permit application has been prepared as is nearly ready for submission. This 15 acre site is near to Immingham docks in the North West of England and has already had planning permission granted for a waste to energy facility. The second site will then be developed once we have achieved financial close on the first.

Please go to see our new Seedrs campaign for our second round of crowd funding through the EIS for the final push to get us to Financial Close. If you are interested in investing in us, however much or little, please see our investment page for further detail.

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