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Through the support of hundreds of people, we have worked on developing  Mishergas  Energy Recovery since 2014 with the goal of making a positive contribution to a greener, cleaner future.

With the planet in crisis, it is ever more imperative to find effectual, sustainable solutions to the increasing problem of man made wastes and global warming.

The Mishergas Process has been scrutinised by independent companies to ensure that is it is at the top of the league: we have undergone technological due diligence by a top UK engineering company and the Green House Gas calculations for the overall have been done by Ecofys/Navigant. All of our testing on the recovered carbon black has been done working with Artis Laboratories who have used what we have created in our refining process to set the global ASTM standards for rCB.

We do not  believe in “Green wash” and have rigorously examined every aspect of the facility to ensure that it is something that will have a positive impact on our children’s’ future and for the planet itself.