Company Profile

We believe that “waste is only unrealised potential” and that by using a combination of common sense and innovation, it is entirely possible to turn environmental liabilities into assets.

We have previously acted as consultants and environmental developers for a varied range of projects and companies and have synthesised our prior experience into our new company formation.

Renewable Energy

We believe that it is important to focus on technologies that produce renewable energy by reacting to demand like “battery banks”. The setting up of these around the country will support the generation of power from other renewable sources such as solar farms and turbines which have fluctuations in their energy production. We have developed feasibility studies for  pumped hydro energy storage schemes (P.H.E.S) to work as battery banks for the energy storage. These use the topography of the land to transport water from a bottom lake at night time when the demand for energy is low, to a lake at the top. When the demand for power is high at certain points of the day, this water is sent downhill through a pipe, turning a generator turbine which can then send the electricity onto the grid.

Waste Management

We have designed and constructed Anaerobic Digestion Facilities for public centres and for home users. This has also included the design of the “Flow forms” for the re-oxygenation of the water and the design and landscaping of the reed beds and ponds.We have demonstrated the use of specific flora to filtrate the process in order to produce water that is reusable after going through the process.

We have used tiger worms to convert composted farmyard waste into high grade bio-stimulant “probiotic” composts.We have also developed vermiculture methodology to provide solutions to digestate waste from A/D processes. Using our knowledge from this, and from our previous silvicultural, agricultural and horticultural research and experience, we can advise on the creation of wholly sustainable developments for new builds for new eco-developments in areas where this would otherwise appear to be unfeasible.
We have consulted in community recycling waste projects and are at present involved with the “Greener Bruton Community Group” to develop a feasibility study for a community based “Element Project” using waste to heat a swimming pool and indoor play area for the town.

Where there is a problem, our team will focus on ways to draw from our wide range of experience and innovative abilities to find the most sustainable solution.

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