Mishergas Ltd was formed  to provide sustainable and profitable solutions to current environmental liabilities.
We believe that every cloud has a silver lining and that by using our creative, experienced and capable team, we can find a responsible answer to most problems.

We specialise in:
– Waste Management
Energy Recovery Development
– Environmental Education
– Renewable Innovation & Strategic Thinking
– Sustainable Design, Research & Development

Green Consultancy & Development

Mishergas was incorporated in 2014 as a culmination of our experiences, working as consultants and environmental developers for a varied range of projects. Drawing from a wide range of over 50 years of aggregate experience, Mishergas seeks to utilise appropriate technologies, innovative solutions and best practices to address current demands and subsequent threats to the environment. By developing a good business model from the use of these technologies, we are thereby able to have a far wider impact.

Using this formula, our company mentors and develops businesses, community groups and individuals who are interested in making a positive difference in their environmental practices.

Mishergas – enabling sustainable energy solutions

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